Our Mail Shop

Our mailing shop offers four High Speed Inserting Systems with 4 to 6 pocket selection, three "Stream Feeders" for Z-Folded Inserters, several Console Heavy-Duty Folding Machines, an automatic Inserting into Envelopes, and an in-line Sealing and/or Postage Metering. We can expertly handle all your bulk mailing needs which would include addressing, barcoding, inserting and sealing your mail and delivering to the post office on a timely manner to meet your important deadlines.


ML-OCR Postal Presorting

  • Address Scanning & Verification
  • USPS Barcode Printing
  • Barcode Reading & Verification

List Services

  • List Management
  • Basic Mailing List w/o Names
  • Optional Names & Phone Numbers
  • Addresses in a Radius
  • by Distance

Addressing System


All Addressing Services are performed in-house on 2 Astro/Kirk-Rudy Floor Model Inkjet Printers with 2 Heads per Machine. We also have:

  • Aqueous Ink and Heavy-Duty Dryers for Glossy Stock
  • Tab/Wafer Seal
  • Postage Stamp Affixing
  • Scratch-Off Affixing
  • "Key” Mailers!


Data Processing Service

A Better Way to Save

  • Manual Data Entry Services
  • Archive - Scan to PDF Services
  • CASS (Coding Accuracy Support Sys.)
  • PAVE (Presort Accuracy)
  • NCOA (National Change of Address)
  • De-Dupe (Remove Duplicates
  • Merge-Purge (Combines & De-Dupes
  • Intelligent Barcode Ready
  • Drop-Shipments


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